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Who Am I?

I was born and raised in Strathmore, Alberta about 25 minutes East of Calgary with my two sisters, Mom and Step-dad. I moved to Regina to pursue my Education degree at the University of Regina because of its well-known education program. I absolutely loved the experiences both in the classroom and in the various field opportunities, and I cannot wait to see where these experiences lead me to next.


In my pre-internship, I was with a grade 7/8 spilt and it was truly one of the best experiences in my degree thus far. At the beginning, I was quite nervous because I did not know what to expect being in the higher elementary grades, but I was ready for the excitement and challenges they brought me. After being there throughout the last year, I can say that I am glad I was given the opportunity. I was able to learn many key teaching strategies from both my cooperating teacher and the students. I am forever thankful for this opportunity.


I have many interests that mainly revolve around sports. I enjoy playing volleyball, basketball, snowboarding and running. From grade 4 until I graduated high school, I participated in each of those sports and loved all of them. If there is an opportunity for me to coach, I would love to take advantage of it and continue building relationships with your students and others in the school. Apart from sports, I am also interested in reading and travelling. I believe that if one can read, you can read the world with the critical literacy skills that should accompany reading. I have also travelled to many places such as Mexico, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Thailand, New Orleans, Montana, Denver, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and this upcoming summer, I will be travelling to New Zealand and Austrailia to nanny. 


I have worked with children at the YMCA Before and After School Program for the last two years and have absolutely loved it! Together, we learn the five core values that are vital to have in life: inclusiveness, respect, honesty, caring and responsibility. As a group of students and colleagues, we are doing activities and building one another up. I believe it is fulfilling, and we have all grown so much over the past couple of years.


To end, I wanted to share my strengths that I have in the classroom and as an individual. I am a fun and entertaining person. I want my lessons to be as engaging as they can be, where students are able to interact in order to learn from one another. I am always encouraging and using positive language towards my peers, students, colleagues and family. I see all of my strengths being important throughout internship, and future teaching career, and will provide a great model for students.

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