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Get the Blender, Let's Make a Blended Learning Course

Online and blended learning is something so new but something with endless opportunities for students to learn at school and home. For myself, blended learning is particularly important to utilize within and outside of the classroom, to reach the students where they are and provide them with different learning opportunities.

Within my blended course, through Google Classroom, students will focus on addition where they will have opportunities to explore one digit by one digit, one digit by two digit, and two digit by two digit. This provides students with learning/revisiting basic math facts, to then build upon them to eventually move to subtraction, multiplication, and division.

It is especially important to teach basic math skills and reach my students where they are, as I teach an intensive support intervention with numeracy and literacy, with grades 5-8, where their levels vary from grades 1-5. I am inevitably planning for each learner and providing them with basic foundational needs.

This content will work exceptionally well within a blended course as students will have opportunities to explore while learning through various educational platforms, small group discussions, different activities online and within the classroom, and independent work. This allows me to reach students where they are at and further, if they are missing school days, they can access learning objectives and tasks right in the comfort of their own home. One limitation to this not all students have access to technology at home and in these situations, students will not have the same opportunities to access these blended learning opportunities at home. However, students can work at their own pace at school and can access this all day long.

Overall, blended learning will be engaging to my learners, provides them with opportunities for creativity, motivating for them as the lessons are designed to meet the learners where they are at, and provides one-on-one support and feedback daily.

A Guide For Blended Learning That Will Be Utilized in the Creation of my LMS, Google Classroom.

What LMS will you be using? Will you be creating a blended or online classroom?


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