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LUMI = Learning, Understanding, Math (while) Interactive

Oh, you want an interactive video that incorporates engagement and learning into one? Then off to Lumi, we go!

Lumi allowed me to create an interactive video where my students will be able to stop along the way and answer questions in relation to the content they are learning. It provides different interactive activities and tests their knowledge. Students will be prompted to answer questions along the way, as the video will stop for them and give them time to answer.

For my course module, I will be using Google Classroom, where students will be focusing on 2-digit by 2-digit addition. There are many different learners within my room, with different needs, and therefore, they all have their own SETT (Student, Environment, Tasks, & Tools) devices. This makes learning accessible for all, as they have headphones and devices that they can plug into learning. Seeing as I have a blended classroom, students will be placed into rotations, that will be timed, where they will have different opportunities to use technology, interact with classmates, do independent work, and meet with their teacher.

Students will focus on building basic mathematical skills, through 2-digit by 2-digit learning activities. On Google Classroom, students will have access to this Lumi video, that focuses on how to properly add, where to start, where to place the numbers in a place value chart, and how to carry numbers. Students will be able to see different examples and be able to input their ideas directly into the video. The best part is, is it marks right away and allows for simple spelling mistakes, that do not hinder the students' progress/mark. This allows all learners to have an equitable learning experience that does not focus on spelling within their mathematical lesson.

After students complete the 2 Digit by 2 Digit Lumi, they will then be sent to a Google Form (which will be linked within the Google Classroom assignment), that will direct them to a formative assessment. On this formative assessment, students will have the opportunities to solve various questions, which will allow me to check in and see where they are at with 2-digit by 2-digit addition. Further, students will be encouraged to rewatch the video to answer questions as needed and can use Google Read & Write, to listen to the questions, if they struggle with reading.

Throughout this addition module, students will have opportunities to practice their mathematical skills through games online such as Prodigy and Mathletics. After students complete the learning videos and formative tasks, they will then be prompted to play these games online until the timer goes off. The best part is, is that these mathematical websites test the students' knowledge and allow them to play at the level at which they are.

Throughout the different rotations, students will have opportunities to create their own interactive videos with classmates, play cards and board games, flashcards, whiteboard interactive lessons, and other various learning activities. Although they will establish a routine with daily rotations, their learning activities will vary from day to day and so will who they work with. I think it is important for flexibility and allowing students to interact with different peers to focus on not only learning but problem-solving as well.

I am excited to embark on this 2-digit by 2-digit addition module for my students and I will be incorporating it in the fall.

What suggestions do you have for me? What else could I incorporate into my rotations?


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