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Running Because I Love to Eat!

Welcome back to the art of learning ft. Raegyn Fulmek taking on running. Does she have it in her to learn how to run? What will it take for her to learn different strategies and techniques to achieve the art of running outdoors? What platforms will navigate her learnings? Only time will tell!

Why is Raegyn embarking on this journey?

It was found that she wants to be fit and fall back in love with her body (it’s true, winter got her good and she is not feeling great in her clothes). With this goal, she will learn the skills of running and be able to continue to incorporate this into her daily life. On top of it, since the weather is so nice, she will be receiving an inexpensive prescription of Vitamin N(ature). In turn, this can be used in her classroom to help her students with running techniques and strategies, so they are able to participate in variety of activities inside and outside of school.

How will she keep track of her journey?

She will keep track through her apple watch and taking Snapchat videos/photo and making a collage along the way.

What platforms will she learn through?

She will learn through Tiktok and YouTube as it is very accessible and at the tip of her fingers. These platforms provide lots of insight of different people, videos and experiences being shared, with what techniques and strategies work for them.

Where will she complete her learnings?

Well of course, in the outdoors! She will run throughout her neighborhood, as there are many paths and sidewalks. Her goal is to get outside more and be fit. She said if she runs into a weather problem, she will have a goal to go to the gym and using TikTok or Youtube, find some good treadmill running exercises (but we will only go this route, if the weather restricts her).

So what will this learning goal look like?

After scrolling through Tiktok and YouTube over the last week, she has divided each week into a theme, to help her accomplish her running goal. She felt it was necessary to divide the week into themes to target a specific goal, to help her achieve the love of running outdoors and not make her feel so overwhelmed.

Weekly Themes:

  • Week 1: Discovering running – developing a plan

  • Week 2: Music while running

  • Week 3: Breathing exercises

  • Week 4: Stretching to reduce soreness

  • Week 5: Morning vs night running

  • Week 6: Running with a partner

  • Week 7: Bringing it all together - utilizing strategies and techniques that worked over the weeks

Raegyn is ready to take on RUNNING. It is going to be a learning experience for her, as she is not a runner by any means. You may see Raegyn out walking from time to time, but never running. Keep an eye out for her journey and we ask again – will she fall in love with running?


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